16. The Dead Zone

It's another trip to the mind of Stephen King, as I'm joined by Paul Jenkins to talk about 1983's The Dead Zone, starring Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen.

Paul is one of the people behind 24 Stories, a collection of short stories, the profits of which will benefit survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire and Trauma Response Network.

There are a few crackles on some of the sound of the podcast, apologies in advance.


15. Stir Crazy

It's time to go to prison for a crime I didn't commit... Joining me to discuss 1980's Stir Crazy is Carla Francis, half of the awesome Theme Park Films podcast and one of the drivers behind the Brit Pod Scene network.

We discuss whether Shawshank Redemption was a spiritual sequel to this, why isn't rodeo popular in the UK and the somewhat lax justice system in Arizona.

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14. Big

A 12-year-old boy wishes he was big (didn't we all) and wakes up as Tom Hanks...

I'm joined by Chris Oakley, designer of the podcast logo and also from the excellent Kitbliss website, to talk about a body swap fantasy involving an arcade wish machine and when being "on top" with a woman means the top bunk.



13. The Breakfast Club

Episode 13 of Betamax sees me in Saturday detention, left to think about what I've done. I'm not sure whether I'm the jock, the criminal or even the princess, but I'll find out. Also being punished is ITN producer and journalist Lindsey Bowers, who can be found on Twitter here and she blogs here

The reason we're in detention is in honour of a John Hughes masterpiece, The Breakfast Club, which like this podcast, was set on Saturday March 24th.

This was recorded in January 2018, before my paternity leave, but thankfully most of the references appear to have aged well.

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It's already time for my first returning guest. Star Trek fan Terry Duffelen is back after his Commando pod to discuss Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. Fortunately for us, Terry was able to fill the numerous gaps in my knowledge about one of his favourite films.

Terry has a Star Trek podcast of his own, Whom Pods Destroy, as well as the previously mentioned Sound of Football and Oddjob Pod.

Terry will be back again for the subsequent sequels, but for now, enjoy.


11. Superman II

One of the films I've been looking forward to most - I was joined by fellow Superman enthuasiast John Rain to discuss a troubled movie, far different from the original vision, but captivated us nonetheless. I may yet visit the first film... This episode focuses mainly on the theatrical version, but with plenty of mentions for the Richard Donner cut, particularly the lost Marlon Brando scenes.

John is the host of the magnificent SMERSH Pod, all about James Bond. His pod can be found here, and on Twitter here.


Superman will return in Superman III...


10. The Cannonball Run

Episode ten brings together Burt Reynolds, Dean Martin, Farrah Fawcett, Jackie Chan and the peerless Roger Moore for a cross-country caper - The Cannonball Run.

I was joined by Dean Newman, chief writer of The Daily Jaws website. Dean can be found on Twitter here, and will be returning later in the year.

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9. The Karate Kid

For this episode, I'm joined by the frontman of The Football Pink, Mark Godfrey to discuss one of the great underdog stories and inspiration for idiots all over the world to try crane kicks - The Karate Kid.

The discussion flies from the class system, the work ethic of the youth of today, and to whether Daniel's mother would let the building caretaker near her son in the modern world.

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You can also find The Football Pink on Twitter and Facebook.


8. The Shining

This one has been sat in the archives for best part of a month, but it's worth the wait. I was joined by Kamilla Hannibal, who is the social media manager of the Beavertown Brewery.

A Kubrick classic starring Jack Nicholson, it was great fun to watch and more fun to talk about. The second Stephen King book discussed, I really need to pick up that novel.

You can follow Kamilla on Instagram here and on Twitter here. She'll be back to discuss E.T. and Weird Science... Diverse.


7. Lethal Weapon

It's Christmas! One of the more contentious festive films, it's Lethal Weapon. Petros Patsilivas of The Caged In podcast joins me to discuss one of the archetypal buddy cop movies.

Petros will also return in the spring for Lethal Weapon 2, while I'll be appearing on his Nicolas Cage pod to talk about Kick-Ass.

Ho ho ho!

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