Three Men And A Baby


Steve Guttenberg makes his long overdue Betamax debut in the Leonard Nimoy-directed opus Three Men And A Baby. Guttenberg is joined by Tom Selleck and Ted Danson as three New York bachelors who become guardians of a baby left on their doorstep.

There is also a plot about heroin dealers which I really didn't notice when I was a kid...

Joining me to judge everyone involved is Jenny Morrill, the brain behind the World of Crap website and regular Bungle enthusiast over at the Den Of Geek.

Jenny's book Crap Holiday (discussed on the pod) is available on Amazon here.

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This week sees the Betamax debut of Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in the Razzie-award winning "Cocktail". A sordid tale of sex, death and TGI Fridays.

Joining me to share a Red Eye in Hysteria is Elizabeth Howlett, whose blog is the wonderfully-named Bloggy Balboa.

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Executive producer: Gary West

Associate producer: Chris Oakley

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Trading Places

Merry New Year!

The final pod of 2018 brings the nature vs nurture masterpiece Trading Places, another festive special.

Returning to be the Louis to my Billy Ray is Emma Burnell, star of the When Harry Met Sally episode. Emma is usually found over at the Zeitgeist Tapes podcast.

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Bah humbug, we're back for another Christmas episode! This time it's Bill Murray in Scrooged, an adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Returning to guest is Stephen Graham, fresh from his appearance on Masters Of The Universe. Stephen will return sometime in 2019. There is at least mention of Pigboy...

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Ho ho ho!

It's still Christmas, so here is one of my favourite festive movies, the third in the Griswold Vacation saga.

Returning guest is Ben Baker, author of The Festive Double Issue - Forty Years Of Christmas TV and The Long Quiz Goodnight. Ben's previous appearance was on the Garbage Pail Kids episode, no come back, don't go!

The film wasn't released in UK cinemas so the number one song was the Band Aid 2 one which was Christmas number one in 1989.

Rocky IV

It's one of the ones I've been looking forward to most - one of the least mentioned Christmas movies, it's the film that ended the Cold War - Rocky IV!

Joining me is David Hartrick, oft heard at the Football Fives and The Stiles Council podcasts, for a show we had originally planned in the summer of 2017.

There are large portions of the soundtrack in the background, including replacing the number one song which was "The Sun Always Shines On TV" by a-Ha - sorry but it's Rocky IV.

Dave will be back soon for Beverly Hills Cop and a few others later down the line.

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Apparently it is Thanksgiving, so it's time for the awesome Planes, Trains And Automobiles, another John Hughes winner.

Joining me was comedian James Gill - James is MC at "Always Be Comedy", a regular show held at the Tommyfield pub in Kennington, South London, featuring a number of household names. The podcast was recorded in the corridor of the pub before a show back in August 2018, hence the slight echo and the numerous Police cars in the background - well, it is South London... There was also a slight issue with my microphone - luckily James is far funnier than I, and came out a lot clearer on the pod. Because we spent so long gassing, I've added the number one song intro at the end.

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First Blood

Finally, Sylvester Stallone makes his Betamax Video Club debut with First Blood. NOT RAMBO. Listen patiently and you'll hear me make that mistake...

My guest for the episode was Will Slater, host of the very entertaining Exploding Helicopter podcast. You can follow Will on Facebook and Twitter.

Will does talk about an alternative ending for the movie, which I've linked to here.

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Episode 32 and it's time to play truant with Matthew Broderick's iconic little fucker Ferris Bueller. Joining me on this adventure is actor and comedian Alison Ward.

Alison can also be found on YouTube in a series of short videos called The Secret Garden.

Apologies in advance if Ferris is your hero, he gets a bit of a rough ride here. Doesn't mean we didn't really enjoy the film...

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Another film which has fallen through the gaps for many - 1984's Runaway. Released in the same year as The Terminator, with more killer robots, alas Tom Selleck's moustache didn't do enough lifting.

This episode was recorded in July 2018, but delayed due to the obvious sound issues. My guest was the returning Dean Newman from The Daily Jaws.

The number one song at the end was You'll Never Walk Alone, but this was a charity single in aid of the Bradford City fire of 1985.

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