"Nothing shocks me. I'm a scientist"

After the recent arrival on Betamax of Indiana Jones in Raiders, we now have the sequel/prequel, 1984's Temple Of Doom. Joining me for monkey brains is writer and comedian Chris Stokes, an alumni of the Mystery On The Rox podcast.

Coming soon - UHF and Desperately Seeking Susan...


Executive producers: Gary West, Fergus Higginson, Keith Foster, Jimi Fletcher, Mark Drakes, Matt Cunnington, Christian Deas, Chris Hopkins, Omar Zambon, Ian Maddrell, Catrin Lowe, Mark Machin, Zoltan Vago, Simon Smith, Laury Curran, Wayne McNally, Darren Hodgkins, Dan Wellington, Alex Heale, Philip Rothenberger, Alan Fewings

Associate producer: Chris Oakley

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